Re: 128 students suspended at Ind. school

"nimue" <cup_o_cakes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
toypup wrote:
Yeah? Well, we need to reach ALL the kids. They all matter to me. We
to work hard to get them to attend school and the last thing I want is to
send them home for a minor thing like a dress code violation when it took
much to get them to school in the first place.

That's right. That's why you can go motivate them at New Beginnings.

The ones who don't can go to
an alternative school where they can go no matter what rules they
break and OP can motivate them.

We are talking about kids who violate the dress code. That's it. You
them sent to New Beginnings? Charming.

I assume that's the sort of school I'm talking about for disruptive kids.
One violation wouldn't warrant that. A child who wants to learn would not
have repeated violations. Kids who can't follow rules go somewhere else.

I really don't care to be in class
with disruptive kids and I don't want my kids in class with
disruptive kids. Just because they are poor doesn't mean they don't
want to go to school. There are plenty of kids there who would
welcome the more peaceful environment.

Why do you assume that a kid who violates the dress code is disruptive?

I only want kids in class who want to learn. Kids who want to learn will
follow rules, however mundane they may be, just to be in class. Kids who
don't want to be in class, what exactly are they learning if they don't want
to be there? I've been in some of those lower level classes (because of
scheduling or whatever), and they are just babysitting classes. The
teachers have no control. My brother was tracked to those classes and when
I remarked to him how awful it was, he said it's always like that. If you
keep them in school no matter what, those are the classes you get for the
ones who don't want to be there.


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