Re: wanting to whine here too

But the top shelf is obviously not high enough.

Yes that became obvious at about 3:30 this afternoon. It was high enough
yesterday.. I knew she could climb some.. she has been getting in the box in
the closet on the 3rd shelf to get her crayons.. this was a bit taller then
that and really not as stable so she must have climbed on something else to
get to the scissors.. But my issue is that to some in my family this is an
end of the universe event.. not just oh well live and learn.. this haunts me
forever. It has gotten to the point where I dont dare to do crafts because
I am so forgetful that all the other 4-5 times she has done this it has been
linked to me just leaving them because I got distracted and forgot I had
them out. This all in all is limiting my activities and it is almost
painful tonight because eventualy my MIL will find out and I will not hear
the end of it. *sigh*