Re: Girl's clothing question

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What exactly is size 6x?

> A little wider than a 6, not as long as a 7.

Yep. It's one of those in-between sizes (boys have
a 7x). The jump in girl's between 6 and 7 is pretty huge,
as is the jump between 7 and 8 in boy's. The 6x/7x are
sort of in between sizes for when your kid gets a bit
bigger but isn't ready for the length of the next size.
Of course, it mystifies me why they had to make in between
sizes in the first place. Isn't it intuitively obvious
that such a huge jump in length is a problem? I also
found something like a 4" difference in inseams between
boy's size 8 and 10 in some lines, which seems a bit ridiculous
to me as well.

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