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toypup wrote:
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Are you sure her height is a problem? Having her feet touch the
back of the seat is often not a problem. It's only a problem if she
has exceeded the height limit specified in the carseat's manual.

I think it's a problem comfort-wise, if the legs are scunched up. Some
people don't mind if their kids are umcomfortable, because they'd rather
their kids be as safe as possible;

I think that's a bit of a false dichotomy. Sure, if
the child is uncomfortable then consider other options. However,
it's by no means evident to me that babies get all that upset
at having their feet touching the back of the seat or having their
legs folded a bit ;-)

Our daughter liked to straighten her legs and flip the carseat into the
seat. That was my indication she didn't like her legs folded a bit. I'm
thinking they must now have a more secure way to attach seats than having
the seatbelt go through the back of the seat. (This was 16 years ago.) Can
the babies still push the bottem of the seat out, causing the top of the
seat to flip back toward the seat?