Re: "Adjusted for Inflation, Dow's Gains Are Puny"

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google "Adjusted for Inflation, Dow's Gains Are Puny"

the people making  a killing in stock are the insiders two buy long on
and sell short the same way.   then drive the market in either
direction with
announcements re the stock etc.

they get away with it by use of proxies to do the buys.. the money
changes hands
off shore,   its all on margin 5% cash down or using existing stock to
back the margin buy,
so no down in effect... and no risk as they know what they are going
leak tomorrow...
causing just a half point up tick on margin can net these millions of
dollars.... in a day
or two.

Inside information is quite valuable in that regard... some cults are
into the business of
getting jobs in those executives offices and know which way the wind
is going to blow... and front
for those deals.     a google search for 'Feshback, short sellers'
might bring up the ... err
rest of the story

outsiders dont have a prayer... their gains as  you say are tempered
badly by brokerage fees and
real inflation..... their net is miniscule, turning over 90% of those
into net loosers...

Phil scott

and you've left out so much more
such as competitors will short sell and put option weaker company's stock
preventing them from financing their business growth by selling stock!!

but these are the forces that make the market work.
If you're not a wealthy cult insider making millions with a tick or
two...then your job is to hitch a ride on the hind quarter of an elephant  
and make profit comensurate with your investment risk.....

yup the sure fire guarenteed millions are denied us mere mortals
but there is a constant (K) in the equation, and that is you can always
count on the rich...trying to get richer...
 the fact that there are insiders manuvering to make millions is a
given... you can literally bank on that...if the craps game is using
loaded dice rigged to show 7....BET THE FRICKIN 7

so if the market is rigged with insiders making millions with insider
knowledge, look for elephant tracks and BET WITH THE BILLIONAIRES !!!- Hide quoted text -

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while I do not disagree... you and I are the last to find out what the
billionairs have done, we find out one tick too late as
a rule.