Whats up with this?

I was in the CalTrans building a few years ago, first floor a mix of
gringo's, blacks, hispanics and asians,,, all spoke english

I noticed some servere bogusness going on the some traffic issues, and
fine generating mechanisms,,, I mentioned that to one of the guys on
the first floor,, he said,, look,, follow me, dont speak.

he took me though a tour of the other 8 floors of the building.... i
heard virtually english spoken, seemed to be a mix of tagalog,
chinese, and korean and all dressed to the nines and most cublicles
empty but with coffee cups out, one full of mouldy coffee,,, at the
desk of man I had equired about,

speaking pidgeon english in order to be understood by his secretary,,,
where was the guy ....reply "he come in vewy early weave earwy"
Mold takes days to grow in a coffee cup... pay scales for these if a
meter maid pay is at 50k speaks volumes, most in the Cal Trans
building (calif state transit, traffic roads etc) would be in the 100k
range... these retire with 60 percent of that back to their mother
land after 30 years,

the natual question therefore is how did this happen,...who are these
people, who is seeing to it that they dominate those positions,,, I
talked to a few, no clooo about what they were supposed to be doing...
some apparently just off the boat.

How do these even pass the civil service tests? How do they get
preference over out of work US engineers for example?

yesterday the San Jose Merury news reported a new scandle, these meter
maids erasing each others parking tickets.

why less than 1% gringo's in these posts...why so many obvious foreign
nationals? why at such high pay?

Phil scott