Re: July 1 Competition Nov. 2 Results

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On Nov 4, 5:34 pm, "FrediFizzx" <fredifi...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Comics got out of the hole this week and is beating the SPY benchmark
with a 29% pop on WYDY.OB that changed to WYDI.OB.

Nov. 2 Results (no dividend adj.)

DirtBag© 27.89%
Charlie Perrin 21.34%
Don Tiberone 20.51%
Trailer Trash 16.44%
Lubow 13.53%
FrediFizzx 8.14%
Comics 3.28%
SPY 0.51%
2Penny 0.00%
Ben Sharvy -5.46%
ausound -17.56%

I don't know if you counted it or not but EMF went ex-dividend last
week, paying over a 2 dollar dividend which is about 7%.

Thanks Don. That gives you 20.51% instead of 19.59%. I'm not going to hassle with dividends until the end of a quarter unless someone points it out as to which one it is. I don't have the time nor inclination to be checking out almost 100 securities every week for dividends. So... anyone that wants their dividends to count in the weekly standings can tell me which securities they are and I will put them in.