Re: Good golly, miss moly

About three weeks ago moly was pumped big time in Canada. And during the PDAC show, and after. I have been in Florida the last two weeks. I guess my point is, if someone wants to hop into it, to be careful about the entry point. Perhaps wait for the hoopla to fizzle down. I'm not too fond of hoopla unless I already own it. That said I must confess I am just spewing caution, I have not examined BLE.TO. There is serious money to be made in Canadian mining.


lubow wrote:
A lot of talk about moly and moly producers. Sprott Asset Management which runs a few mining oriented mutual funds likes Blue Pearl Mining (BLE.TO)

There are three others they like, Roca (ROK.v) is alleged to have sold its production for the year; Win-Eldrich (WEX.v) is allegedly developing the richest moly deposit, and United Bolero (UNB.v).

I don't think these venture stocks are worthy of your pension money, but perhaps worthy of money that would be spent at the blackjack tables. BLE.TO seems more seasoned and actually owns some refining assets in the US (just a personal opinion).

One of the portfolio managers at Sprott is Peter Hodson, whom I respect a great deal. Hodson knows his mining. Accordingly, if Hodson likes BLE.TO it may be worth a evening's worth of due-diligence.

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