Re: meaning of proxy fight at Openwave?

Trailer Trash wrote:
Did that URL serve your purposes, sarp?

That URL was just the incumbent board members' side of the story, but
it did provide some information. Is there a chance here I could get
even richer?

"We strongly oppose Harbinger's efforts to elect its hand-picked
nominees to Openwave's Board. Their ill-considered, short-term
'pump and dump' tactics are in direct opposition with the Company's
long-term strategic plan to build value for all Openwave

Harbinger is a New York-based hedge fund and a short-term speculator
that has little understanding of Openwave, our products and our
markets. Harbinger has held a position in Openwave for less than six
months, with the bulk of its investment made in the past four months,
which raises doubt as to its intent to build long-term value for all
Openwave stockholders. We believe that supporting Harbinger's
hand-picked, unqualified nominees is equivalent to placing Harbinger
itself on your Board and do not consider that to be the best path
toward achieving long-term, sustainable value for all Openwave
stockholders. of Harbinger's candidates has never risen above the level of
director of products and has never been an officer of a public company
and has no experience as a member of a public Board."