Re: foreign funds move in sync - Re: Sold FXI

sarp wrote:

Jerry wrote:

Decided to take my lumps on this one. A large portion of their investment
is with China's oil producers. Just heard on CNBC that China controlled
their oil price and that it was below market price - not a good situation
when prices are falling. Loss was 8.8%. Hold time was only around 2 weeks.


I am not sure the chart action on FXI would be due just to Chinese

all the foreign funds: TRF, ADRE, IIF seem to move in sync.

All of them started dropping precisely at the start of January as if an
alarm went off.

There is something else happening here AND IT MUST BE THE BIG BOYS AT


Republicans in power generally lead to a weak dollar, which make foreign
assets look better.

Democrats in power generally lead to a strong dollar, which make U.S.
assets look better.

So there's a shift under way.

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