Re: AAA Response Time

yeah I've always had very good response time with them in the past. This is the first time it ever took over 30 minutes for me I do believe.

Shawn Hirn wrote:
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The ONE thing NOT to do while waiting 97 minutes for AAA:
think about that big slurpee you just finished and how much you really need to pee!

The last time I needed AAA service was about six months ago when I was parked at a restaurant. A friend and I just finished dinner and my car refused to start. I called AAA and they took my cell phone and I asked them to call me a couple of minutes prior to arrival. Then my friend and I went shopping at a couple of stores in the area.

The call taker said it would be an hour before AAA arrived. At about the 50 minute mark, my friend and I decided to walk back to my car. Just as I got there, my cell phone rang and I was told an AAA service person would be there shortly. Before I could click off the power button on my cell phone, the AAA guy had arrived! About ten minutes later, I was on my way.

Seems like reasonably good service to me. This was in Northeast Philadelphia around 7:00pm one spring night.