Re: RFE for I-751...what else can we send??

We just got RFE'd for our pending I-751. The stuff they are
asking for is pretty much what we already sent in the original
package- (which was huge!). The only things they ask for which
we dont have are mortgage/joint rent agreements, (hubby bought
house before we married) birth certs for children (we don't have
any), and joint bank account statements (we never felt the need
to have one!)
It asks for tax returns, joint bills etc, all of which we
already sent...

We are a bit worried. Should we resend everything? We don't have a
whole lot more stuff...a couple of recent bills with our names on,
seperate credit card statements showing same address, recent
pictures, some updated vet bills for our animals showing us as joint
owners, and a statement showing hubby is on my health insurance which
I get from work that we got in June. We also have a bunch of
envelopes addressed to us both that we got since filing the petition.
Oh, and a tax return filed jointly which they haven't seen yet! We
could also get an affidavit from hubbys mom and brother in law saying
our marriage is valid.

I'm probably freaking out. Can anyone ease our minds?

thank you!!

Hi Eggy,

It seems that's a boilerplate RFE for I-751's. Others have gotten the
exact same one even though they sent in a lot of evidence.

I would write a statement yourself, explaining why you don't have joint
mortgage/lease paperwork, and that you don't have children (thus no
birth certificates).

If you have separate bank accounts but receive the statements at the
same address, include some of those. I would go ahead and include a few
updated items as you indicated you have...such as the separate credit
card statements coming to the same address, the vet bills, and the
updated health insurance.

If you feel you want more, include the affidavits.

That should do the trick, in my opinion.


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