Re: Follow-up question: re-entering US from Canada by car...F1 student close to prog completion, need advice


Thanks for the info. Yes, I'll take your response to the International
Students Office and ask them what they can do for me.



Yasmina2005 wrote:

I have a follow-up and would really appreciate your answer.

When I enter Canada from the US by car, what if they take my I-94 and
when I return only give me a I-94 valid until Oct 15'th (program end
according to my I-20)? I.e. they do not give me a I-94 that is valid
until the ending date in my EAD thru OPT?

In my case my program would not be over, so they will most definitely
let me in. But from some other posts I see that that they may give me
an I-94 only until the program ending date on my I-20. is this really
a possibility?



Arvind wrote:
Hi Kim,
Thanks for the info.
Kim wrote:
As long as you have your passport and I-20, there shouldn't be a

"Arvind" <> wrote in message

I need to go to Canada for a couple of days. I am towards the
end of
my Ph.D. program, expiry date on I-20 is Oct 15'th and I plan to
Sept 28'th-29'th. I will have my OPT card and job offer
letter in
hand and would not have defended my thesis (October 5'th is the

Will there be any problems when I try to re-enter from Canada
back into
Buffalo by car?

If anyone has gone through a similar situation, I'd really
it if you could share your experience.



I do not know about the OPT thing because i am not at that stage yet.

i traveled to Canada with an expired visa stamp and a valid I-20 ( 9
months of validity). I always deal with the office of international
students (OIS). I took with me:

- Full Transcript
- Letter from the registrar that i am full time
- Letter from my school that i am in good standing in my program
- Letter from OIS that i should NOT surrender my I-94 stapled to it the
text of the law about visa automatic revalidation.
- Proof of funds (either statment from the bank or that you hold a GA
assignment or a campus work)
- A valid passport
- My University ID
- My I-20s

I do not know about your trip to Canada while you are close to defend
and your I 20 is expiring soon. I still advise that you deal with an
adviser from your OIS and have written documents from them.


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