Re: illegal immigrant paying resident tuition?

I am an F-1 student.

i just do not understand people who do not have green card or are not
US citizen, yet they want to benefit from special offers. I do not
agree you should get all the benefits a US resident gets just because
you are working and paying tax even if you are on H1 visa. I am also
working on campus and pay taxes. Does this mean i should ask to pay
tuition as Americans do although i am legally staying in this country
as an F-1 visa holder. No....

There are people who are on work permit and whose pay is a bit less
and who get health benefits such as Medicare and so on. I do not think
they should have this benefit. If they choose to come and work here,
they should not expect much until they become green card holders at
least. The priority should go first to US residents and Visa holders
should not be treated the same as US residents in terms of certain
benefits such as medicare, resident tuition and so on.

This is my opinion. You do not have to agree with me


Many people miss the point. The United States has a FEDERAL system --
there is STATE law and there is FEDERAL law. The matter of State School
Tuition is a matter of STATE law albeit subject to Federal
Consitituional limitations.

Certified Specialist
Immigration & Nat. Law
Cal. Bar Board of Legal Specialization
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