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Upill (that's right, you pill, not uphill,
though the route this pill would have
to follow to find its way to market,
that would definitely be an uphill

Well, when reading the following, it
sounded interesting 'til getting to the
end, and finding out each pill costs
$20 to $30. Wow, that would mean
that with 6 insulin injections per day,
my daily cost for taking pills would
be $120 to $180, and over a year,
yikes, that would be 2,190 pills, a
cost of $43,800 to $65,700.

Hey, makes the insulin pump initial
cost + maintenance costs look like
chump change, relatively speaking.

The comment at the end, regarding
the reusability of the pill, get real,
this looks like, well, let's just say,
with all the technological advance-
ments being worked on, I would
toss this in the trash, -but- ...

.... per their website, they're also
working on ultrasound patches and
implantable ultrasound:

Zetroz, as unattractive as their upill
idea is, perhaps, some day, some-
thing they're working on will actually
be able to help some of us who have
one of the High Glucose Conditions,
but a upill, unless they can find a
way to dramatically reduce the cost,
not feasible.

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June 25, 2012

Ultrasound pill helps the medicine
go down
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Pro-Humanist FREELOVER
C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation
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