Support JDRF and get -4- 42 gram dosages of sugar-laden carbs for free?

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Of course, not often in the public eye,
but the ingestion of sugar, not causal
in the auto-immune-caused disease of
Insulinitis (old names: type 1 diabetes,
juvenile diabetes, insulin-dependent
diabetes, though oft-times referred to
as simply diabetes, making it difficult
to distinguish between that High Glu-
cose Condition and others, like Cellosis,
old name: type 2 diabetes, and Diminosis,
old name: Mature Onset Diabetes of the
Young, which also suffer from that same
diabetes confusion when that word is
used to describe one of those conditions
but the critical clarifier is not included).

However, sugar is oft-times demon-
ized as a culprit in the causality of
Cellosis, along with the weight issues
that contribute to the causality of
Cellosis in an estimated 80% of
Cellosis cases.

So, if you support JDRF at Wendy's,
you're rewarded with -4- free 42 gram
dosages of sugar-laden carbs, even
though doing without sugar is recom-
mended to decrease your risk of some
day coming down with Cellosis.

Irony, or simply the manner in which
much of the country exists in denial
regarding their risks of some day get-
ting Cellosis, maybe?

Oh well, you know what they say about
"if it's for a good cause ...", but one with
Insulinitis might submit that it would be
better to offer a healthy reward than a
sugar-laden one, although one might
wonder, if the country is so addicted to
sugar, would a healthy reward solicit as
much money as a sugar-laden one?

I also wonder if such a sugar-laden re-
ward campaign would result in less
donations from those with any High
Glucose Condition, most of whom try
to reduce their sugar intake (unless
battling a serious hypoglycemic event).

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Pro-Humanist FREELOVER
C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation
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