Death risks from High Glucose Conditions?

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The following, no breakdown of what
the risks are for Cellosis (old name:
type 2 diabetes), Insulinitis (old name:
type 1 diabetes), or Diminosis (old
name: Mature Onset Diabetes of the
Young), or other High Glucose Condi-
tions, -but- overall totals are given for
all High Glucose Conditions, broken
down for women and for men.

Also, no breakdown of death caused
by hypoglycemic events is presented,
so things like the estimate that up to
8% of persons with Insulinitis die as
a direct result of a severe hypoglycemic
event, not addressed in this study.

The only good news:

o Prostate cancer, 12% less

The bad news:

o Women

-All-cause mortality, 90% higher
-Liver cancer, 40% higher
-Endometrium cancer, 33% higher
-Pancreas cancer, 31% higher
-Colon cancer, 18% higher
-Breast cancer, 16% higher

o Men

-All-cause mortality, 73% higher
-Breast cancer, 320% higher
-Liver cancer, 126% higher
-Oral cavity and pharynx cancer, 44% higher
-Pancreas cancer, 40% higher
-Bladder cancer, 22% higher
-Colon cancer, 15% higher

Quotes [with insert, in brackets, not part
of the original quote]:

"... [High Glucose Conditions] correlated with
increased mortality linked to the circulatory
system, respiratory system, digestive system,
genitourinary system, and accidental deaths/
external causes."

Who was in the study?

"... 1,053,831 adults in the United States en-
rolled in the Cancer Prevention Study-II who
were followed for up to 26 years. Participants
completed a self-administered questionnaire
at baseline, and the association of ... [High
Glucose Conditions] with cause-specific mor-
tality was assessed. ..."

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June 21, 2012
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Pro-Humanist FREELOVER
C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation
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