Chances of bariatric surgery placing Cellosis into remission?

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Bariatric surgery, an operation which, to-
date, is almost totally used to treat / deal
with obesity, reported to have a remission
capability in those who have Cellosis (a
capability which some report to be a cure),
the following article iterates details on
actualized remission rates:

Excerpts [with inserts, not part of original
article, included in brackets]:

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June 20, 2012

New Study Identifies Patients
Most Likely to Achieve Remission
of Cellosis [old name: Type 2 Diabetes]
After Bariatric Surgery
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The study found 67 percent of gastric bypass
patients achieved ... remission one year after
surgery, but that number grew to more than
96 percent if patients were not already on
insulin and did not have reduced pancreatic
function as measured by the glucose disposition
index (GDI).

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Excerpt [with insert, not part of original
article, included in brackets]:

.... The glucose disposition index (GDI) is the
product of insulin sensitivity multiplied by beta
cell sensitivity. It provides an indication of how
advanced a patient's ... [Cellosis] is.

Both insulin sensitivity and beta cell sensitivity
can readily be estimated by plugging data from
an oral glucose tolerance test into the HOMA
calculator developed by and available for free
download from the Diabetes Trials Unit at the
University of Oxford, England ( ...

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If GDI was 30 percent of normal, patients were
less likely to achieve remission. GDI shows both
how well the pancreas produces insulin and how
effectively the body uses that insulin to regulate
the metabolization of carbohydrates and fats.

The study also found a patient?s initial weight
before surgery or weight loss after six weeks or
one year, did not impact remission rates.

Researchers defined remission as no longer re-
quiring medication to achieve adequate ... [glu-
cose levels (closer to normal) but not as low as
they were prior to coming down with Cellosis] ...

?The study shows beta cell function, the cells in
the pancreas that produce insulin, and ... [using
insulin injections to lower glucose levels in per-
sons with Cellosis, but not to the extent of total
dependence on insulin injections (or pumping)
that persons with Insulinitis (old name: type 1
diabetes) are required to use to stay alive], not
initial weight or subsequent weight loss, are the
greatest predictors of potential ... [Cellosis]
remission after gastric bypass,?


The study included 139 gastric bypass patients,
ages 48 to 57 who, before surgery, had a body
mass index (BMI) between 33 and 75, and re-
quired medication to [deal with] their ... [Cellosis].


Researchers noted gastric bypass helps people
[have a chance of placing Cellosis into remission]
.... through mechanisms other than weight loss,
though weight loss is known to be effective in
.... [dealing with Cellosis, in those whose weight
contributed to their getting Cellosis, but of note,
in about 20 percent of those with Cellosis, factors
other than weight caused their Cellosis].

In this study, patients on average lost 59 percent
of their excess weight and 15 BMI points after
one year.

Gastric bypass surgery, which makes the stomach
smaller and allows food to bypass part of the small
intestine, causes physiological changes, including
alterations to the level of the gut hormones that
regulate the metabolization of sugars and fats.

Studies have shown the surgery improves [dealing
with Cellosis] ... even before significant weight loss
has occurred.


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