Public Glucose Testing Device?

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In a local store, there's a blood pressure
monitor, all you have to do to take your
blood pressure is insert your arm, and
wait a short period of time while your
blood pressure is computed.

Of course, with a means of non-invasively
checking glucose levels, depending on the
exact nature of the device, it's be a simple
matter to have a similar device for glucose.

But, what about now?

Well, the first difficulty would be in pre-
paring the finger for a bloodprick. You'd
need to provide an alchohol swab, and
you'd need instructions to get people to
swab their finger prior to the fingerstick
being done.

OK, let's say you could pull that off. It
shouldn't be too difficult to have a glu-
cose test device that could automatically
project a lancet in the right place, and
it would also require the device have a
finger holder that worked so that the
fingerstick would occur at a similar dis-
tance for each test.

Then, there's the blood test strip. You'd
have to have the device able to auto-
matically get the blood onto a strip and
automatically engage the glucose test
device so that the glucose could be mea-

If all that could be done, voila, a publicly
available glucose test device that would
encourage people finding out what their
glucose level was, the goal being that
people could discover they had a High
Glucose Condition (or, infrequently, a
HUT - Hypoglycemia Uncaused by Treat-
ment for a High Glucose Condition) that
they were heretofore unaware of, and
would seek medical counsel thereafter.

Of course, reported to be the most wide-
spread not-yet-High Glucose Condition,
that being PreCellosis (old name: pre-
diabetes), reported to be something
that 79 million Americans have, that
could also be detected, leading people
to seek medical counsel thereafter.

- - -

Needless to say, trying to pull this off,
challenging given the current resistance
to sticking a lancet in one's fingertip,
-so- until a non-invasive way of glucose
testing arrives, I suspect it's highly un-
likely that a public glucose monitoring
device, similar to a public blood pressure
device, would be able to actualize an
increase in the diagnosis of the afore-
mentioned conditions.

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Pro-Humanist FREELOVER
C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation
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