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In Diabetes 2, there are high levels of antibodies that bind to insulin. The
bound insulin is not free to act on glucose uptake and the result is diabetes.
If we can lower antibody to insulin, that will cure the diabetes.

"Oral Tolerance" (O.T.) is a mechanism now being tested to treat Diabetes 2.
View Oral Tolerance for Diabetes 2:

Basically in O.T. - subjects ingest tiny doses of antigen and this
procedure is repeated several times producing changes in the immune system - a
tolerance develops to that particular antigen and in time will lead to a cure.

More info on Oral Tolerance is at:

However, the O.T Explanation . is too simple - Let us examine the most important
facts from Authority & Expert - Dr. Polly Matzinger who says O. T. depends on
the T suppressor cell which lowers Antibody production.
Note: T cells are blood cells with a special function.

Dr. Matzinger's theory - there are 2 signals for T cell full Activation:
1.) first an antigen is taken orally-We cannot use insulin - it is broken
down by digestion , instead a peptide(part of protein) similar to insulin -
this primes or makes ready the T cell. But without the 2nd signal the T cell
remains in anergy( no activity).
2.) the Second signal - is CD80 or CD86 - either one is enough to make the T
cell go thru the changes that makes it a fully activated cell.

People produce CD80/CD86 but in Autoimmune patients it is not enough to fix
Diabetes 2.

But there is a safe way of inducing the blood to produce CD80/86 factor &
that is through Herbs.
1.) Agaricus bisporus - induces CD80/86 . Agaricus bisporus is the white Button
mushroom or champignon mushroom found in most U.S. & Canadian supermarkets.

see article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18287364

2.) Goji berry known as Lycium barbarum - induces CD80/86
-available from Food supplement stores & the internet

See article http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19170138

With our treatment, a course is 21 days.
Moderate cases need - 3 to 4 months.
Severe - need 4 &Half to 5 &half months treatment.

Treating Diabetes is quite unique.
In most other Autoimmune Diseases, the patient has to wait until most of the antibodies get
to normal levels to see good results. But diabetics monitor their blood sugar - and
will know very soon that the treatment is working. In some cases, as early as the
First course treatment. And by the 2nd course, everyone will see the big changes - sugar
significantly lower compared to the start of therapy.

Altho, we have cures, it is not enough to be accepted by the Medical Community
and we have to go by THEIR Rules.
We are giving our Treatment free to Diabetic folks. We shoulder all costs.
This is a win-win situation, you get healed and we get acceptance.
WE will write an article for submission to a Health, New Medicine or Research

If you are interested in trials, please write
to us or via himmerland2000@xxxxxxxx
Lux Research - a division of Lux Health Resources,
BC, Canada


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