Two advantages of low glucose propensity?

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Of course, having the glucose go too low,
something we all would like to avoid, but
I wonder, is the fact that I've been inclined
to try to make the glucose go low, in the
time from my diagnosis of Insulinitis (old
name: type 1 diabetes) in March of 1961
'til now, are there advantages not widely

Well, for one, the obvious, my lower HbA1c
levels, that's definitely an advantage, and
going too low has been a necessary part
of that picture, even though going too low
hasn't been welcomed, and technological
advances which would reduce or eliminate
that from the picture, highly desired.

But, what about consciousness and cogni-
zance? Yesterday, at my first break, checked
my glucose, and it was 35. I was able to
interact with others, treat myself, and bring
the glucose level up. No loss of cognizance
or consciousness. I can't help but wonder
if my having gone too low so many times
over my over 51 years of dealing with
Insulinitis, if that somehow has conditioned
me to maintain cognizance/consciousness
at glucose levels much lower than is the
case in many or most who have Insulinitis.

If anyone is familiar with any studies in
this regard, please share those with us
in a reply to this post.

Thanks in advance,

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Pro-Humanist FREELOVER
C.ure I.nsulinitis A.ssociation
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