PreCellosis -- 56 percent reduction in getting Cellosis?

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PreCellosis (old name: prediabetes), the
following report states that "... if a person
had their glucose levels returned to a normal
level during this stage of the disease they
were 56 per cent less likely to develop it
fully in the next ten years. ..."

Unfortunately, the number of the estimated
79 million Americans who have PreCellosis
who know and who act to prevent getting
Cellosis, miniscule. Why?

1) People are genetically/memetically pre-
disposed to avoiding lifestyle intervention
and medications unless confronted directly
by a problematic medical situation,


2) Without noninvasive glucose testing, people
are disinclined to stick a needle into a finger
to ascertain their glucose level (less so, of
course, in those with a glucose anomaly,
but even then, some, like me, avoided do-
ing the glucose-test bloodprick routine for
all-but the last few of my over 51 years with
Insulinitis (old name: type 1 diabetes).

So, even though that reduces the risk of getting
Cellosis, it doesn't eliminate it, as 44 percent
with PreCellosis got Cellosis within 10 years

Also, important to recognize that in 20 percent
of Cellosis cases, the individual does not have
any overweight or obese condition, and most
are unaware that they may have a genetic risk
of getting Cellosis even when they're thin or
near normal weight.

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June 12, 2012

Cellosis Prevention discussed for those
diagnosed as having PreCellosis
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