Insulinitis Incidence in Youth?

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Recently, reported that Insulinitis has grown
23% in prevalence from 2001 to 2009, in
children younger than 20 years, living in
Ohio, Colorado, Washington, and South

In 2001, 1 in every 598.8 children in those
states had Insulinitis.

In 2009, 1 in every 485.4 children in those
states had Insulinitis.

So, in essence, a child who was overwhelm-
ingly unlikely to have Insulinitis in 2001, still
overwhelmingly unlikely to have Insulinitis
in 2009, but the probabibility of not having
Insulinitis shifted from 99.99833% in 2001
down -to- 99.99794% in 2009.

Don't know what the probabilities were when
I got Insulinitis back in March of 1961. Even
-if- I had a 99.99900% chance of not getting
it (and that would equate to 1 in 1000 chil-
dren in the U.S. having it at that time), I
still got it (unfortunately).

Suffice to say, regardless of the odds, and
regardless of one's age, everyone who has
Insulinitis desperately desires that the condi-
tion be cured, or at the very least, that the
treatments for the condition be dramatically
improved, sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, a little sanity is in order so that
we recognize that, as it always has been, the
condition continues to be rare, and dealing
with the condition is a constant, unrelenting,
lonely, and unforgiving nightmare (for me,
truly, and I suspect, for most (in our most
honest of moments), despite the pressure
that many place on us (and sometimes, that
we place on ourselves) to pretend that all is
just fine in our world).

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June 12, 2012

Significant Rise in Insulinitis and Cellosis
[old name: type 2 diabetes] in Youth?
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