I can't believe it. Medicare pays for test strips. I just got a
letter from Wal Mart, where I buy my strips, saying I have to fill out
the charts they sent me, showing each time I test. The reason. My
doctor wrote the prescription for testing five times a day and
Medicare says that a type two diabetic should only be testing once a
day. A type one diabetic is allowed to test three times a day and
have the strips payed for. Before medicare I paid for the strips

The chart does not ask anything about diet or exercise during the day,
which to me makes any information about mere monitor readings

I resent the intrusion.

It seems to me that whoever is in charge of making these decisions
about number of alloted test strips does not know anything about
diabetes or the necessity for testing. Type two's I suppose are only
supposed to test fasting levels, not post prandials or extra tests to
show what a particular food might be doing. Or for lows if they are
feeling hypo. (I did a test and found my bs at 212. I was stunned.
It stayed high even after exercise (another test) and long into the
day (more tests). I figured out it was due to one lousy date I ate
after lunch. I threw out the rest of the bag.

Am I over reacting or do you think one test a day for type twos and 3
a day for type ones is a good way to insure complications?


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