Re: Hangovers - keep preaching to a low level

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On Wed, 20 May 2009 21:53:01 +0000 (UTC), Alan Mackenzie

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I don't use a meter anymore, it got boring with good readings.
Can't say I blame you. �A lot of pain and a bloody waste of a lot of
money (whether yours or some health fund's) to no good purpose.
Alan, you're extending your unnatural phobia for lancet-use
to others again.

I don't think Alan M. extending his opinion is any more deserving of a
reprimand than the many opinions you push on others. This forum, like
a.s.d., is a place where people post their opinions about diabetes.
There is not only room for different points of view, but also a need.
You have too many of your own unnatural phobias in that glass house
you post from to be throwing stones at others.


sigh.......... says Kurt with NO history of what he is talking about

so, Kurt, are you also indicating that testing is unnecessary?
could you kindly tell me how to decide how much insulin to take before my meal when i have NO idea what my bg level is?

i'm type 1, like you are, so this should be easy for you