Re: Is anyone using the Omnipod?

Will "Chicken Little" Bill,

While I support your ability to choose the best insulin for yourself, your
concepts regarding pump therapy are obsolete.

No, beyond obsolete. Wacky.

As far as insinuating mad cow could come from ANY insulin, you are
suggesting mad cow could come from synthetic insulin? Making it riskier
than BEEF insulin ? Indeed, beef insulin made in the UK ?

What type of animal are they using to make the beef insulin ?

Insulin pump therapy makes treatment of type 1 immensely better. Far better
than the decades old insulins you prefer. The flexible basal rate pattern
can be tailored to a person's unique requirements, and with carb counting
most people can match their mealtime insulin requirements very nicely.

Neither of these are attributes of beef insulin.

While these insulins may work well for you, they are failures for most of
the type 1 population.

For children, pregnant patients, and anyone with an active lifestyle who
needs a lot of flexibility, a pump should be a serious consideration.


"willbill" <trek@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:

I just had a chat with my daughter's healthcare people, and they pointed
me to this new Omnipod insulin pump. It's.... interesting. The mechanical
pump portion is small and disposable, and taped to the body. The
controller with built-in glucometer is separate, connects by RF to change
settings on the pump, and keeps the controls off the waist and thus out
of the hands of little ones.

Has anyone here used it or have personal impressions of it?

the whole t1 pump thing is beyond stupid

assum-u-me that you ever get to the UK,
i suggest that both you (long term t1)
and yer young t1 daughter go to 1x
with CP's beef-L for background

i mean, what would you have her use
in the pump? these truly weird fast
analog insulins, aspart or lispro?

imho (and experience), that's dangerous,
especially for 50+ years of usage

go with what history has shown works best:
beef and pork insulin (in that order)

the synthetic insulins all use beef
product in their production process;
if worry about mad cow disease (from
insulin) worries you. the synthetic
insulins are not safe from mad cow

as far as i can tell, odds are they
are all safe from mad cow

bill t1 since '57, ex 8-yr pumper, beef-L 1x, simple MDI