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Tim Bolen's 'private' post office box <*~*.@.*~*~*> wrote in news:jepg4v

Texas is, of course, far larger in size than Britain, and has much
more wealth and economic power. Texas can easily spank Britain
publicly - and, with this case, probably will.

And that shows just how much you know. Let's get some real data - and
not your delusions:

UK GNP in 2011: 2,248,831 IMF website

TX NGSP in 2010: 1,207,494

In fiscal year 2004 a little over one-third (35 percent) of Texas
revenues came from the federal government for a total of $21.9

Which makes it absolutely certain that Texas is not richer than the UK.
Not surprising, really.

UK geographical size: 50,350 sq mi

TX geographical size: 268,580 sq mi

UK population 2001: 49,138,831

TX population 2001: 21,325,018

While Texas is far larger in geographical size than the UK, that's
what counts - and it certainly is not wealthier than the UK, as the
figures pretty clearly show.

That's the problem with you, Pat, you shoot off your mouth before
your research.

As for Texas wanting to "spank" Britain publicly, care to post your
reasons for why Texas would have such a desire?

The Bolenator projects his own fantasy regarding those who deposed him
in 2006.

No doubt he got sheared.
The poor dorper still hasn't recovered fully.

His fantasies are quite entertaining - and very revealing.

When did ignorance become a point of view?
- Dilbert