When is PYCNOGENOL not PYCNOGENOL - watch out for the fake *Earthrise foods ltd* reviews www.earthrise-foods.co.uk/ when buying supplements from them

Just be careful who and where you buy your supplements from.
especially when it comes to dealing with the likes of
and their highly suspect review system!

After I found a success story for Pycnogenol and IgaN I did some
further research and decided to trial it myself.

I bought some stuff labeled *pycnogenol* from Healthspan which had a
marked positive effect on my bloods, in particular
1: Serum Urea level
2: Urine microalbumin level
3: Urine protein level
4: Urine albumin/creatinine ratio
5: Urine protein/creatinine index

The Healthspan stuff is expensive at only 30mg dosage (I was using
200mg daily) so I needed to source higher dosage and cheaper. I found
http://www.earthrise-foods.co.uk making great claims but it was now
called *French Maritime Pine Bark* and the name *Pycnogenol* was
nowhere to be seen, though a Google search on *pycnogenol* will pull
up EarthRise, so no doubt they are playing on keyword manipulation to
draw you in. The reviews looked good, all five stars, how could I
lose! I tried the 150mg tablets for two months and it made no
difference at all to my bloods. I left a negative review confirming my
trials, well what do you know it never showed up. So that's two
strikes for the highly suspect www.earthrise-foods.co.uk and a
complaint. It's quite clear much of this stuff is bogus or the wrong
strengths etc. It shows why going to a reputable, albeit expensive
company like healthspan is preferable over the cowboys selling the
stuff cheaper and selling it in a jiffy bag rather than a proper
I obviously wont be shopping at www.earthrise-foods.co.uk again!

I decided to do more research and discover the guy who invented the
stuff as a supplement Dr Masquelier’s had his idea ripped off by a
yank corp who trademarked the name *pycnogenol*, he tried to fight
back but was only a little French guy so lost out it seems. Anyway,
the *pycnogenol* stuff works, but is only vaguely similar to the
genuine article that Dr Masquelier made, and superceded with grape
seed extract which did the same job he desired but was much cheaper.
He has now died sadly, but apparently his final creation was something
called Professor Masquelier's Original OPC *Anthogenol*!

So I'm guessing this is the real stuff we should really be sourcing.

Pycnogenol: pine bark discord

There is also a company called FLAVAY a huge Corp from USA again
making great claims about their connection to Dr Masquelier, though
the French company disagree. It seems FLAVAY are selling what is
essentially Dr Dr Masquelier’s original recipe of PYCNOGENOL, which of
course we now know he superseded with production of the grape seed
addition to the recipe. A huge CORP who has a 1001 different websites
designed to lure you in to the home page of FLAVAY itself, whilst at
the same time pretending not to be FLAVAY and giving impartial advice
is something to be wary of! Though I'm guessing FLAVAY are slightl;y
more honest than HORPHAG, and of course we know the HORPHAG
*Pycnogenol* from Healthspan did indeed work in my case.

I reckon I'll put my money on the original guys at
and will keep you posted how my trials go.

As regards buying any products marked with the *PYCNOGENOL* protected
name. Who could support a huge corp who ripped off the original

"Horphag's American PYCNOGENOL®* pine bark extract does not have my
authorization and Horphag's material goes without my standard Quality

—Dr. Jack Masquelier, inventor of "Pycnogenol".

French Court awards Substantial Damages to CEP Horphag Violated
Agreements and Misappropriated the Pycnogenol Trademark in Bad Faith -
Brief Article

Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, April, 2002

The Court of Appeals in Bordeaux, France, has found that Horphag
Research Ltd. of Guernsey acted in bad faith when, starting in 1990,
it unfairly usurped the rights of the French company Centre
d'Experimentation Pycnogenol (CEP), the original and principal
supplier of the authentic French Pycnogenol extracts. Horphag falsely
misrepresented itself as the manufacturer of CEP's Pycnogenol and
failed to carry out in good faith its contractual obligations vis a
vis CEP, according to a final decision made by the Bordeaux Court of
Appeals on June 26, 2001.

Since 1969, CEP has been the origin of Professor Jack Masquelier's
Pycnogeaol. During the early 1990s, CEP transferred its Pycnogenol
business to International Nutrition Company (INC), which now is the
worldwide supplier of the authentic French Pycnogenol extracts.

The Bordeaux Court also decided that Horphag's registration of the
Pycnogenol trademark in the USA was obtained in bad faith, because the
American trademark application was filed behind CEP's back. Hiding its
American application from CEP, Horphag defrauded CEP of the rights it
had per its contract with Horphag. The Court noted that CEP acted
correctly and in good faith during the period when Horphag usurped
CEP's position. The Court specifically stated that the cause of the
many legal conflicts that arose after 1990 is to be found solely in
Horphag's attempts to unfairly appropriate CEP's Pycnogenol product
and trademark.

The recent French decision gives full credit to CEP and Professor
Jack Masquelier and their primordial and prominent role in the
invention, research and development of the Pycnogenol product.
Horphag's claims in this respect were denied by the Court, which made
its decision as a final resolution of the relationship between CEP and

The Court awarded damages to CEP in the amount of 2.5 million French
Francs. Even though the actual harm caused by Horphag greatly exceeds
this amount, the awarding of damages is an underlining by the Court of
Horphag's bad faith in this matter. Horphag's counterclaims for
damages were denied by the Court.

By filing applications for the Pycnogenol trademark in the USA and
other countries without informing CEP, the Court found that Horphag
overstepped the boundaries of its contractual relationship with its
principal: CEP. Horphag wrongfully endowed itself with a right of
ownership of the Pycnogenol trademark, which it had neither created,
nor used for the first time. According to French law, so said the
Bordeaux Court, Horphag's American trademark application constitutes
an act of bad faith toward CEP.

The Bordeaux Court of Appeals has now confirmed earlier decisions,
made by the High Court of Paris, by the Austrian Supreme Court and by
the Thailand Intellectual Property Court. On 20 December 2000, the
Paris High Court confirmed INC's title to the French Pyonogenol
trademark and ruled that Horphag infringed on INC's French Pycnogenol
trademark. The Paris Court prohibited Horphag and its French
distributor from continuing their violation of INC's rights on penalty
of a fine of 5,000 French Francs for each recorded offense. The
Austrian and Thai Courts made similar decisions, concluding that
Horphag was not at the origin of the Pycnogenol trademark and did not
have any Pycnogenol trademark registration when it encroached on CEP's
rights starting in 1990.

According to Bert Schwitters, owner of INC and Director of CEP, the
Bordeaux decision will undoubtedly reinforce INC's position in the
Pycnogenol trademark worldwide. "The landslide victory we obtained in
Bordeaux," says Schwitters, "has confirmed what we have been saying
during the last 10 years. The Pycnogenol trademark did not and does
not belong to Horphag Research of Guernsey. The trademark was coined
by Dr. Jack Masquelier to distinguish his authentic French Pycnogenol
product. The time will come when INC will be recognized as the
rightful owner of the Pycnogenol trademark not only in France,
Austria, Australia, Indonesia, China and many other countries around
the world, but also in the USA. Until then, we'll be happy to
distinguish our product as Masquelier's[R] Original OPCs in America."


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