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Dr Wolf is an MD? No...

Seems like your experts are a little shy of any expertise.

Why should that stop Carole.
The expertise most intelligent people value has been influenced by
Rockefeller, according to Carole, which she concludes, makes it suspect.
Not sure which Rockefeller she's referring to (Nelson, David, Jay...)
Carole never gets that far.

Or comparing how much was donated by Rockefeller and how much by
other people. Rockefeller was a very small drop in the bucket.

Proof bob.
Have you got a comparison of who paid what into allopathic medical schools?

The cost of biomedical research in the USA was approximately $94.3 billion in 2003, and growing rapidly.

The Rockefeller Foundation gave $145 million to all grantees,
including those not engaged in biomedical research, for the year
ended 12/31/2009.

The Foundation's total giving for 2009 amounts to about about .15%
of the cost of all biomedical research in the USA for 2003.

Carole the Dim Bushpig
"... the rockefeller business with pharmaceuticals had $100m to spend
on promoting his drugs to medical colleges in 1904 which really
got his leg in the door." - Proof, Carole?