Re: For Crap-Meisters Jan Drew and Carole Hubbard

On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 10:35:21 -0800, Bob Officer <-*-*.@.*-*-> wrote:

To refuse to learn something because it might cause you to question a
dogmatic belief is the path to stupidity. The road to knowledge has
many false trails were we fool ourselves with preconceived notions
and ideas. The soon one learns, not to use Dogmatic faith, but use
evidence, the path of knowledge will appear. And simple ignorance
goes away.

The key to what the esotters do: the REFUSE to accept knowledge and wisdom, this
is why they reject science. They call themselves "Bauchdenker" (people who think
with their tummy). Knowledge and science they defame as "verkopft" (= "too much
in the head"). The esotters in their own words describe themselves as plain

AND THOSE IDIOTS attack scientific medicine as cause for autism.

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