Re: Peter Bowitch is a proven liar and proves it

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Hello Jan,

Thank you for writing MSN Hotmail.

I am Roxanne and I am replying to your inquiry regarding the
message you received.

I understand your frustration for receiving unwanted mail and I
appreciate your
bringing this matter to our attention. I have closed the account
joel_eic...@xxxxxxxxxxx you reported in accordance with the Hotmail
Terms of
Use (TOU). It is a strict violation of the TOU for our members to
objectionable material of any kind or nature using our service.

You can view our rules and regulations at:

I hope that this email has provided you with the assistance you need.

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to write to
us again.


Roxanne G.
MSN Hotmail Customer Support

How is any of the foregoing relevant to any topic in this ng?

What sort of a nym is "sir"?
What if I called myself "ms" or "girlie" or "wench"?

Wilfully ignorant dolt will do Carole.

Its almost as bad as D.Baten - and the only way you can really address
him/her/it in reply is to use the surname ie Baten. You could call him
D but D is reserved as part of the smilie face group eg :-D.

Ridiculous people deserve ridiculous replies.

Ahh! ...but not as wilfully ignorant as some.

When it comes to willful ignorance, Carole,
be assured, you are at the top of the list.

"Math proves you know how to plug in some figures into a formula, that's all.
 Even physics is based on wrong theories, so what's the use of math."
  -Carole 'the dim' Hubbard

I prefer to think of myself as thinking for myself

But why then do you prove again and again and again that you do not
think at all?

and working at my own pace rather than what others expect.

That may be so and would be allright, were it not for the fact that
you think you have a valid and correct opinion about things before
even gathering the most basic knowledge about the subject. Carole, the
problem is not that you do not know things or did not take the time
yet to figure them out, it's that you clearly don't know anything
about a subject but still think that you and only you really knows how
it works.

There is a time and a season
for everything. The current season is thinking for myself at my own
pace. Let's face it, the only thing modern research has done is
contribute to the pharmaceutical profits bottom line.