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Actually Jan I was not off topic, however you attempts at playing
topic cop are in direct violation of Google Groups TOS and AUP.

lol. Do show us anything about a topic cop.

You are posting only to intimidate people. Stop it or suffer the

It was you who posted:

She ends up looking "Stupid".

more often than not, you
are just too ignorant to understand it and far to stupid to learn how
to apply the information.

Carole, Who is the Idiot, now? Who exactly Made "an idiot out of"
you? The answer to both is no one but you, Carole.


Post long enough you catch yourself in not only a lie, but accusing
others of your exact guilt.

You owe Carole an apology, and admit you are most guilty of your very
own accustions.
Man up!! Harassing is direct violation of Google Groups TOS and AUP.

Bob Officer

"One of my pet hates


Your pet hates are nothing but trying to intimidate.