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mercury is thimerosal, same thing, no confusion there except a different name

Immediately announced to Twitter as the "Batshit crazy anti-vax Quote
of the Day".

Unfortunately you're wrong. So the only thing that is "batshit crazy" is the pro-vaccination mob's denial that mercury isn't in
vaccines and that it is harmless.
You lot will just keep on lying all the way to the bank.

What Is Thimerosal?

"Thimerosal is the name of a compound that is made of approximately 50 percent mercury. It has antiseptic and antifungal
and is an effective preservative in vaccines.

Thimerosal is a preservative used in vaccines that come packed in multiple use bottles. Using the same bottle for multiple
injections over a period of several days increases the likelihood of contamination. Bacteria can grow in the vaccine solution,
when the tainted vaccine is injected under the skin, death can result within 24 hours. Thimerosal acts as a preservative,
bacteria from multiplying in the solution.

In single use vaccines, a preservative is not necessary. Since the entire solution is used at one time, there is no opportunity
the solution to become contaminated. Single use vaccines are more expensive, however. "

And just where in that does it say that mercury and thimerosal are the
same thing?

Even better is that the Fluarix vaccine does not even contain

You wouldn't know what any of the vaccines contain because they don't tell you.

So the evidence that there is thimerosal in the vaccine is that the
label says there is NO thimerosal in the vaccine. You're insane
BTW, all the vaccines that ever had thimerosal in them always have
clearly said so on the label. Why would they suddenly start lying
about that now?

And when they say they've removed mercury, what they mean is after their existing stocks have been used up.

Assuming again that by mercury you do not mean elemental mercury but
thimerosal: so? Why there is no more thimerosal in the flu shot is not
relevant to the fact that it is not in there anymore.
And please, could you be a bit more precise with your use of the word
mercury? Please use the word thimerosal if you talk about thimerosal.
You see, thimerosal is not mercury, the same way that tablesalt is not
a poisonous gas.