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Mark Probert-Drew wrote:
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Steelclaws wrote:
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A friend of mine misdiagnosed himself and died recently, his self
medications he thought made some changes until what he had became so
strong that he had to see a doctor. Don't really know if earlier
treatment might have helped but it would have at least given him a good
five years more of life. All his friends as well as his parents tried
their best to get him to see a doctor earlier, much earlier.
  No disrespect but, it sounds like he made his own decisions. Were they
right or not they were his. Seems like the right to make ones own
decisions about health would be a good thing. That should include free
access to all options.
Not much good if your own decisions leave you dead. To use an analogy:
it is your own choice to jump off the roof, but the results to your
health will be unpleasant. Not much difference between that and in
case of cancer any of the so-called alternative "cures".
  So what? If you want to jump off the roof, it is you choice to do so.

With all information, and with knowledge of the consequences to
yourself and to others. People do not live in a vacuum.

I respect you enough to believe your right to do as you wish with your
life is a pretty basic right. Not much different in that case with chemo
and rads ether. The cure rates remain dismal.

That is untrue.

  Your opinion is wrong, again.-

No, that is not correct. The cure rates have steadily climbed, with
more success in some cancers than others. Peter Moran had documented
that information in this newsgroup.

Go back in the archives and look it up.


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