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Alt med scamster and King of Infomercials, former convict, Kevin
Trudeau has been sentence to30 days in jail for CRIMINAL contempt.,kevin-trudea-infomercial-se...
"This was an attempt by Mr. Trudeau to harass, intimidate and
influence the court," said U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman, who
was flooded with hundreds of "harassing, threatening and interfering"
emails, locking up the judge's email system and shutting down his
Blackberry for part of the day.
Last week, Gettleman found Trudeau in criminal contempt of court and
nearly threw him in jail after Trudeau asked his supporters to email
federal judge overseeing a pending civil case brought by the Federal
Trade Commission.
Might it be that he finds the court contemptible?
Can you be any more ridiculous?

C'mon, Lefty, I am sure you have untapped talents at being rediculous,
absurd and idiotic.


I admit it, I cannot compete with you and your friends here. You guys
win, the ridiculous team wins again. Tell me , do you get to wear a big
belt buckle too?

No, but we do get the secret decoder ring that allows us to send
messages to the guys with the black helicopters. Right now I'm
encoding the message "p i c k u p l e f ........ "