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Patrick, Wikipedia has standards. Thus, it logically follows that they
would not like you.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Wikipedia's General Counsel, Mike Godwin, is sending me nasty emails.

Mike has always had good taste. He is a champion of free speech.

Apparently he doesn't like me telling people how bad Wikipedia
actually is, and he definitely doesn't want me telling you what to do
about it - when it effects you personally. He actually, the other day,
said I "was trying to destroy Wikipedia..."

Knowing you, that is highly likely. Wikepedia deals in facts, and you
have never liked facts.

Stand back while I turn down my testosterone levels.

Patty, you do not have anything to turn down.

Even though, in some ways, it feels good to have some people think I'm
that kind of powerful, I can't really claim credit for what's
happening to Wikipedia. The whole world is beginning to realize that
Wikipedia is being run by the social equivalent of a pimply twelve
year old.

Which is absolutely proof that Mike Godwin is doing something right.

Wikipedia is coming apart. What I'm offering is a remedy for its
victims. How? I'm telling people how to sue Wikipedians in the Courts
to stop them from victimizing others. I've got the formula to beat
them (and I'll tell what that is further into the article) - and Mike
Godwin doesn't want me to talk about it. He says:

"Thank you providing evidence of intent to engage in strategic
litigation aimed at shutting down Wikipedia."

Yup, he really said that. Let me adjust that testosterone knob one
more time.

Negative testosterone, Patty?

Mike, I don't need to destroy Wikipedia. It is doing that to itself.
I'm actually trying to help you guys, but you're not listening. The
WHOLE WORLD is trying to help you, and you are not listening. You need
to make some changes - and here's why...

What you, and others, are trying to do, is to use Wikipedia as a
propaganda tool for your nefarious deeds.

What is sublimely enjoyable is that Mike Godwin, through the EFF,
defended you and Ilena when Barrett sued you.

Click onwww.bolenreport.comto read the entire article...

No thanks, I do no need to barf.

BTW, Patty, did any of your million of health freedom fighters sign up
to become bone marror and organ donors?