Double your chances of getting the H1N1 get the seasonal flu shot.

On the basis of so far unpublished research
into H1N1 numbers has revealed that a previous
history of taking the seasonal influenza vaccine
doubles that population chances of catching
the H1N1 virus. This may suggest that there is
at least some cross immunity between H1N1 and
other version of the influenza. And that
just taking the flu as it comes given that
it provides long long immunity has some merits.
Whereas the flu vaccines only provide a transitory
immunity. Nor does this address the possibly
of preventing the flu by way of alternative
means i.e. staying replete in vitamin D status.
Recalling, that even sun rich area have large
populations that are vitamin D insufficient
or deficient. And Canadians are seasonally
often extremely low in the vitamin.

Now here is the bottom line. A number of
Canadian government officials are now
suggesting suspending giving flu shots to school
children until the H1N1 shot is given to
the children first.

Next thought, Canada has previously shown
different immune response compared to
their southern neighbours (British english spellchecker)
with the BCG shot.
In Canada the BCG shot is more effective. This
may relate to the great frequency of vitamin
D deficiency and the related impairment
of an aspect of their innate immune response.
may increase vaccine response.

Note this quote:

"Canadian researchers have compiled data from
British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario that seem to
suggest that vaccination against seasonal flu can
double the risk of contracting the pandemic H1N1
influenza virus, according to reports in the Canadian
Press. The data have not yet been published and the
authors refuse to release the information until it is
peer-reviewed and appears in a journal, but public
health authorities around the world are anxiously
looking at results from their own countries to see
whether they can confirm or refute it."

Search the following for the related blog from
which the above quote is draw.

Understand no ones is committing to mechanism of
the relationship. Indeed, I am struck by the absence
of hypotheses on the topic except from "yours truly."

Perhaps allowing people to make there own judgement
as to whether to take the valid in that people know if
they are more subject to the seasonal flu in a broad
sense of things. Hence those who take the shot
are more sickly and more prone to disease.
But remember this is just an idea as well.

On the other hand, lack of long term immunity from
the vaccines maybe the problem. Or both ideas may
how water as they aren't mutually exclusive.

let the rumble proceed................Trig