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Among many other things, they say:

"Acupuncture theories today are based on extensive laboratory
research, and have become widely known and accepted. In addition,
controlled studies have shown evidence of the effectiveness of
acupuncture for certain conditions. At present in the United States,
about 3,500 physicians and 11,000 to 12,000 non-physician
acupuncturists use this medical art. About 40 acupuncture schools
train non-physicians and about 500 to 600 physicians, according to the
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture."


I do believe that this statement is a little out of date, I believe
the number of physician and non-physican acupuncturists is higher.
Heck, Stanford alone has trained over 5000 MD's to perform

How long will it be before half or more of the US medical schools
offer acupuncture training and/or treatments?
How much will this lower healthcare costs and improve patient
outcomes? How much will this lower risk by displacing much riskier
conventional methods?

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: Among many other things, they say:

What's more interesting is that they *don't* mention Qi. I wonder why.

They had no need to?

You, Dick, OTH are obsessed with Qi

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You, Dick, OTH are obsessed with Qi

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