Re: Marcia Ferrin proves she lied

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Thanks for showing you are dishonest. I posted:

See Mark S Probert's posts there.

See Mark S Probert's posts there.

And this proves I lied, *how*?

You didn't think Mark posted there.
Like I said see Mark S Probert's posts there.

All seven. And YOU were there posting, as well.
So YOU lied.

I see that you're afraid to leave my post on top, Jan. Don't worry;
times have changed; people won't judge you for sharing an address with
a rundown trailer park and a sewer service. I'm sure you keep your
house tidy and your lawn mowed.

What people will judge you for is how you treat others. You don't seem
to understand what a record you've created for yourself on the
internet, and how badly your writing reflects on your character.
That's a shame. Maybe you don't think anyone you know will read what
you've written, or maybe you just don't have any friends who would
care. That's really sad.

Now that I know a little more about your background, I can understand
why you became such a rigid, stalkerish person. You remind me a lot of
my Uncle, who died miserable and alone at the age of 75 because he'd
alienated his friends and family with his nastiness. So sad.

But at least you're not a serial killer. That should cheer you up. :)