Re: Acupuncture Proven Studies

In article <ec13b632-3a9e-4bf6-9d1a-a037a249a96c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Citizen Jimserac <Jimserac@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

: Yes, a placebo is a convenient excuse used by those who wish to deny
: the efficacy of some alternative systems of medicine.

In other words, you don't know what a placebo is either.

: It is a subjective measure, outside the realm of statistics and
: scientifically worthless.

Since you do not understand (and are not interested in learning about)
statistics, your claim is "scientifically worthless." In fact, the
placebo effect is something that *can* be measured statistically. Why
you think that statistics cannot be applied to subjective phenomena
is beyond me. Do you believe that if I were to take a survey of people
asking them whether they prefer Rothko or Pollock, I could not do a
statistical analysis of their responses?

: If you disagree, please post explicit and exact reasoning, or at the
: very least some links. Attempts to assert that you know the answer or that
: someone else does not have a clue will promptly be met with
: a posting ignored message.

That should be enough for starters.

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