Re: Killing Patients with Ritalin

When his doctor put him on Mesalamine, it made a world of difference.
The horrid pain is gone. He still must take Vitamin B12 injections
since it does not get absorbed in his intestines.

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Please let us know how he makes out or does not make out.
This seems to be an individual illness and once a person is well, they are
no longer concerned about crohns or others.

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Dear Loon, (Mark Probert)

Coming from a loon like you, that is a compliment.

Maybe your mind doesn't go very far, but yes, crohns is a mind


and it can go anywhere in the world (wherever the mind can go).

Yes, that is why your Crohn's is where it is. You suffer from

Strange and weird, the only illness affected by the mind and stimulant
another person's use. I not only believe it, I KNOW it.

Just like the people KNEW the Earth was flat.

It would cut

the rate of crohns disease and ulcerative colitis if one can relate to
and the person on the stimulant cooperates and ceases, but alas, most
everyone is like you. Can't believe this is possible, when really,
anything is possible in life.

This is not only not possible, but believing it as you do demonstrates
that your problems are between your ears.


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All stimulants are harmful, not necessarily to the person on the
but by a side effect that affects innocent people, as very likely the
was. His parents, or friend of parents could have been on an
anti-depressant thereby affecting the child in the manner of ADHD

Yes, this loon does believe that if one person takes a medication, it
can affect people miles and miles away who are not taking that
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My brother has had Crohns since he came home from Nam....I can't wait
to tell him 'the cause'.- Hide quoted text -

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