Re: !!Wal-Mart Opening Health Clinics!!

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My attentions have strictly been on one nitwit who keeps posting
(quoted) articles with no m.h.a relevance.  Jan was much more
sweeping.  But she's in my killfile so I have no real idea what she's
been up to lately -- though the replies to her suggest she's become
even more irrational than she used to be (no small feat, that).

David, what kind of topics would you like to see here on M.H.A. that
would interest you? What areas of alternative therapies are you
interested in discussing?

Oh, lots of them. But what I'd really like to see is a lot less of
people screaming "liar!" at each other, and so on. I'd like to see
less irrationality, and people who basically say they're not
interested in evidence if it contradicts their cherished beliefs.

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