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Should i get my prescription drugs at Walmart rather than CVS-
Pharmacy? Walmart has reputation of items being cheaper, so i was
wondering if the drugs would be cheaper also? Or does it matter?

Yes, you should buy your drugs at Walmart if they are cheaper.
But why are you asking this question in an alternative health newsgroup?

We don't believe in pharmaceutical drugs

I do! I've even seen them!

... that is unless you are one of
those unfortunate enough to have some sort of life threatening condition.

So, in other words, according to Carole, we don't believe in drugs
except when we do.

And how do you know the original poster didn't have a life-threatening
condition, anyway?

You misunderstand. Carole has cellsalt and homeopathic treatments
(or some ideas, anyway) for treating Type I diabetes, so "life-
threatening" isn't an issue.

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