Italian oncologist cure cancer using bicarbonate of soda

This is a story that appeared in Nexus magazine and concerns an Italian
oncologist, Dr Tullio Simoncini, who has had a very high success rate
treating patients with good old bicarbonate of soda.
He has a website at

Is the Cause of Cancer a Common Fungus?

According to this hypothesis based on years of scientific and clinical
research, the cause of cancer is infection by a common fungus, Candida
albicans. The good news is that it can be treated with a powerful antifungal
agent that can't be patented.

About the Author:
Based in Rome, Italy, Dr Tullio Simoncini is a medical doctor and surgeon
specialising in oncology, diabetology and metabolic disorders. He is also a
Doctor of Philosophy. An humanitarian, he is opposed to any kind of
intellectual conformity, which he sees as often based on suppositions
without foundation or, worse, on lies and falsehoods. Dr Simoncini regularly
attends medical conferences and does interviews to explain what's wrong with
conventional cancer theories and treatments, to present his fungal theory of
cancer and to describe case studies involving patients healed with sodium
bicarbonate, a powerful antifungal. His book, Cancer is a Fungus: A
revolution in the therapy of tumours (Edizioni Lampis), is available in
Italian, Dutch and English from the website
For more information on Dr Simoncini's theory, therapy and case studies, and
to view interviews and testimonials, visit the portal website

Dr Simoncini sums up the simplicity of his treatment, and the futility of
all the money spent on cancer research -

"The implications from my hypothesis that cancer is a fungus which can be
eradicated with sodium bicarbonate are that:
1) eighty years of genetic study and application has been for nothing,
especially considering that the genetic theory of cancer has never been
2) the loss of millions, if not billions, of lives with all the suffering
has been for nothing;
3) the billions of dollars spent on chemotherapy medicine, radiotherapy,
etc. has been for nothing;
4) the recognition and prizes given to eminent researchers and professors
has been for nothing;
5) the oncologist could be replaced by the family doctor; and
6) the pharmaceutical industry will incur tremendous financial losses
(sodium bicarbonate is inexpensive and impossible to patent).

"My methods have cured people for 20 years. Many of my patients recovered
completely from cancer, even in cases where official oncology had given up."