Re: The Pharma Vaccine Franchise is a Product of Marketing, Not Science

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: I have never said that something is safe to
: ingest simply because it is naturally-occuring,

Actually, you have -- you continually claim that "nutrients" (whatever
those are -- you don't seem to have a consistent definition) are by
definition harmless.

:otherwise there would be no such thing as poisonous plants.

And yet it never seems to occur to you that your so-called "nutrients"
may in fact be unsafe, since their safety (let alone their efficacy) is
rarely, if ever, tested.

: The point I made that silver
: occurs naturally in both plants and natural source water was
: specifically a reference to the availability of silver in plant *foods*
: that typify the human diet.

What is the average concentration of silver in plant *foods*?

: If your point about phosphorus fumes is to
: associate the potential for toxic exposure to the ingestion of silver
: particles in a so-called colloidal, due to concentration, and
: specifically due to cumulative storage, there is no disagreement about that.

That wasn't my point. You have claimed that humans evolved to be able to
ingest and metabolize heavy metals at the levels at which they are found
in nature, and I pointed out that phosphorus, which, unlike silver, is
necessary for life, is poisonous at a concentration four orders of magnitude
*lower* than its concentration in nature. From your use of the term
"so-called" and your belief that a "sol" and a "colloidal suspension" are
different things, I take it that colloid chemistry is yet another field
of which you are completely ignorant.

: Although argyria is a real phenomenon, it is quite rare.

Duh. That's because most people are not exposed to high concentrations
of silver (see the article about argyria at Did you take special lessons
in obfuscation in place of the three R's when you went to school?

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