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YOU are like the Doctor who says stop signs are terrible and speed
limits are terrible and actually has a WEB site to support your

Name the person who satisfies all the above.

Pmoran. Change auto to cancer.

Real Doctors would not be so ignorant.

IOW, change the claim to something entirely different. Can anyone tell
me who this was in reference to? I'd appreciate a direct answer.

It's VERY easy, if you know how to follow a thread.

Who are the doctors against stop signs and speed limits that YOU talked
about above?

You really can't be that dense, and you comment?????

Doctors and pharm clones who post here in opposition to ANY PREVENTATIVE
food supplementation or care.
pmoran being one of them.

Now you're just lying. I think they all promote preventative measures.
Maybe not all the ones you do though.

I'm in the business and on Doctor's sides who are trying to clean up the
ignorance and mess.

These "doctors" immediately criticize anyone or any system that is shown
or claimed to help in prevention or recovery from a myriad of diseases.
They have a mentality that the only "alternative" to eating in the all
American way is to give a "fixed" prescription (dangerous) solution or
injection. They refuse to see or refuse to quit lying. Different people
need different supplements because people are different and the foods
"readily" available are insufficient.

But the research on most supplements sucks or is inconclusive. Where the
stuff isn't dangerous, I expect they feel that people are free to spend
money on it.

Anything DANGEROUS is relegated to "prescription" and MONEY
And you are COMPLETELY ignorant of the research in prescription AND / OR non
prescription solutions. COMPLETELY IGNORANT.

YOU are part of the problem in the medical world. YOU are part of the
reason that even prescription drugs don't get a fair shake. YOU are too
stupid to see analogies even.
YOU are part of the reason that the government gets involved and the entire
medical system is almost completely controlled by lobyists.

There are thousands of REAL Doctors who disagree with these people
(doctors by name only) who make money from the suffering of others and
intend to keep it that way.

Darling, they'd make money anyway. Plenty of disease to go around.

You are ignorant of the profession and of people in general and of a huge
majority who decide on the profession.

I witnessed three doctors arguing over an operation. It was a $132,000
procedure. The PRIMARY base was that ONE of the doctors wanted the
procedure because HE would have collected and had nothing to do the next