Re: WARNING: Industry is Blogging These NewsGroups to Maintain Their Monopolies

<clintonz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
>> > Burden of proof is on the ADA, not the patient.
>> Even if it were, which it isn't, to refute *every* claim would bankrupt
>> them.
> Nonsense. Of course it is on the dentists! You think it is on the
> patients? Doing reliable studies, would not bankrupt the dental
> establishment. Do pharmabloggers also believe that patients
> must prove the drugs they take to be safe :) At least try
> to pretend everything isn't the patients fault :)

First, "Pharm Bloggers" is a stupid term. I don't think you're stupid. So
stop using it. Second, my usual response to your burden of proof claim is
to ask if the person making it, you, believes that there are unfounded
claims that do not deserve allocation of limited resources to confirm or
deny. To say that there is a massive cover-up that members of the medical
community, especially, in this case, dentists perpetrate to the detriment of
themselves and their loved ones is crazy. And, there would have to be.
It's inconceivable that only the tiny few that support anti-amalgam claims
would speak out. Before this question is answered, my vote is to spend
research money elsewhere. So, tell me, is there a similar claim that you
think does not warrant the investment in research that you think yours does?