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On Tue, Oct 05 2010, Jim Janney wrote:

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Jim Janney wrote:
I carefully considered all the available options, and then went for
the shiniest one:

$24.95 for shipping brought the total to $80 and change. I ordered it
on Wednesday, the Post Office tried to deliver it on Monday, and I
picked it up this morning. My scale puts it at 24.2 kg, but it also
shows my Dragon Door kettlebells at 0.2 kg higher than their nominal
weight, so it may be the scale. The shape is very like the DD
kettlebells, but the finish is a little smoother and shinier.

Today is a rest day, but I snatched it once on each side to test it.
Tomorrow is heavy day, so I'll try swinging it then.

Let us know how you like it. Funny that you mention this now - one of
my regular training partners who does most of his lifting in my
basement, just brought over a pair shiny finish bells like the one you
bought. He grew not to like them, and I offered to sell them for him -
I got him $25 apiece for 16 kg bells - just yesterday, in fact. He said
he's going to replace them with DD bells. Not trying to rain on your
parade, Jim, but I am curious to know how you like the enamel finish for
things like high-rep swings and snatches - those are what my friend
didn't like. For presses and getups, I don't think the finish matters
nearly as much.

I have DD bells that date from 2003, maybe earlier, even, and some of
mine are pretty far off in weight - I have a 32 kg that weighs 31 kg.
The more recent bells seem to be closer in weight to what they're
supposed to be, but I imagine that sand casting makes getting exact
weights more trouble than its worth.

Feel free to rain on my parade any time, that's one of the reasons I
come here. It'll probably be a while before I do high-rep anything
with it. Smooth vs. rougher finish seems to be a personal preference;
I've also seen comments from people who took sandpaper to the handles
of their DD bells. I don't know what my preference is yet.

I tried some getups with it, and the body of the kettlebell rests
about an inch further down my forearm than with the DD bells. This is
uncomfortable, possibly from the extra weight or because I've haven't
adapted to it. Squeezing the handle takes some of the pressure off.

While we are on the subject I probably should say something about the
32kg kettlebell I purchased.

When I went to purchase my Apollo kettlebell they actually had two
different styles. They had one left of the dark gray kettlebells with
the smoother finish. The rest were black and had a finish that was
similar to my DragonDoor kettlebell. I chose the smooth gray
kettlebell, and I am glad that I did.

I will admit that the handle is more slippery than my DragonDoor bell,
but it is also a hair thinner. With a touch of chalk I would give the
edge to the Apollo kettlebell for comfort for swings. I will admit that
I have very small hands for someone my size, and I am sure that plays a

I haven't done high rep snatches with the 32kg kettlebell, so it is
still possible I will change my mind for comfort in general.

I really like the rubber bumper plate on the bottom of my Apollo
kettlebell. I sometimes store my kettlebells by the back door of my
house, and we have hard wood floors there. I have to be a lot more
careful with the DragonDoor kettlebell than I am with the heavier Apollo
kettlebell. I can see how the bumper might not survive in a gym
setting, but mine can be removed with the right sized hex wrench, and
the metal underneath is still of a more uniform flatness than my
DragonDoor kettlebell.

The bumpers are certainly practical. They just don't look like
something a Russian blacksmith would turn out :-) And you could always
put down a little floor mat by the back door.

The downside of my Apollo kettlebell is that I don't think they make
this style any more. All of the newer kettlebells have the black
finish. If I ever wanted to buy a second 32kg kettlebell I probably
won't be able to find a match.

By the time you're ready to start throwing around two 70 pound
kettlebells they'll probably have retooled their line again anyway.

Jim Janney