Re: Multiple Workout Sessions

"Charles" <jrh@xxxxxxx> wrote in message

Does anyone have a view on multiple workout sessions for sedentary
hectically busy office people who are obese, unfit, and really need to
exercise - but can't get to a gym (no, they really can't).

If a person has a stationary bike in his/her office for instance, and
is willing to do 6 five-minute sessions, or 3 ten-minute sessions (or
for an hour) throughout the course of the working day, is there likely
to be any cardio-vascular and calorie burning benefit?

It appears to me that any exercise is better than no exercise, and I
believe that there would be considerable benefit for someone currently
doing bugger all.

With the addition of an exercise ball and a couple of 10lb dumbbells,
I believe that such a person could 'potter' during the course of the
working day, while remaining fully clothed, and get significant
benefit to their health and well-being.

A little ingenuity could produce a useful schedule I think.

As everyone else has said, it can work and work well. I wouldn't just
use a stationary bike, though - bodyweight exercises are great, and
there are tons of good resources on the Internet about them. You could
even have a plan where someone does a short bodyweight circuit at one
break and rides the bike at the next, and the time could even be less
than five minutes, e.g., one set of pushups at one break, a set of
bodyweight squats at the next, each done for time, e.g., just one
minute, do as many reps as you can. Then a bike ride when the person
has 5 minutes or more to spare.