Re: Multiple Workout Sessions

Dnia 2009-02-05 Charles napisał(a):

Does anyone have a view on multiple workout sessions for sedentary
hectically busy office people who are obese, unfit, and really need to
exercise - but can't get to a gym (no, they really can't).

If a person has a stationary bike in his/her office for instance, and
is willing to do 6 five-minute sessions, or 3 ten-minute sessions (or
for an hour) throughout the course of the working day, is there likely
to be any cardio-vascular and calorie burning benefit?

Sure. You can simply measure distance or count reps. The energy
expense will be exactly proportional to overall volume, and totally
irrelevant to the perceived intensity. IOW ten sessions of skipping
rope for a minute costs you the same amount of energy as one non-stop
ten minute session, despite the fact that ten one minute sessions are
probably ten times easier.

It appears to me that any exercise is better than no exercise, and I
believe that there would be considerable benefit for someone currently
doing bugger all.

Oh, I think it looks even better. That is while some exercise is much
better than no exercise, a lot of exercise may be actually worse than no
exercise at all.

With the addition of an exercise ball and a couple of 10lb dumbbells,
I believe that such a person could 'potter' during the course of the
working day, while remaining fully clothed, and get significant
benefit to their health and well-being.

A little ingenuity could produce a useful schedule I think.

Sure. There is nothing wrong with dividing workouts into smaller parts.
You end up doing it this way anyway whenever you do sets, don't you?

Andrzej Rosa